Chris Tsatmalis

Business Development Manager

Chri brings a positive attitude and is able to interact professionally with people from all backgrounds.  Bringing a mature, affirmative and energetic approach to customer relations. Chris's exceptional communications skills are matched by a strong knowledge of the marketplace.

Working along a small tight knit team, Chris thrives on the high energy nature of the industry and the satisfaction of assisting clients. For Chris Ray White Laverton offers a natural fit for his  ambitious nature and his passion for learning the skills and nuances of being a successful Business Development Manager. Being aligned with Ray White’s high profile brand and continually surrounded by the best in the industry, Chris feels right at home in the fast paced western Melbourne surrounds.

Chris enjoys the opportunity to associate with a variety of people and is dedicated to guaranteeing a helpful and hassle free experience for clients. His gracious and attentive nature makes him a pleasure to deal with, and his focus on providing accurate information ensures clients are always kept informed.